Как вставить в git bash
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Как вставить в git bash

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How do you copy and paste into Git Bash

Tried Ctrl + V , Right click, Middle click, google. no luck.

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Also, to copy from the window, try clicking the console’s window icon (topleft) and choosing Edit -> Mark, then drag a box on the text, then press Enter. (You can also paste via the window icon menu, but the key is faster.)


Starting from Windows 10 the CTRL + C , CTRL + V and a lot of other feature are implemented in conhost.exe so they should work with every console utility on Windows. (You have to enable Properties -> Option tab -> Quick Edit Mode)

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Aside from using the edit menu commands, you can directly paste into the git bash window using the keyboard shortcut, Insert .

It’s not really a function of git, msys, or bash; every windows console program is stuck using the same cumbersome copy/paste mechanism for historical reasons. Turning on QuickEdit mode can help — or you can install a nice alternative console like this one, and change your git bash shortcut to use it instead.


Long-term solution: Click on Topleft icon > Defaults > Select «QuickEdit Mode» under «Edit Options» > Okay

Then select the text you want to copy. Press Enter

Short-term solution: Click on Topleft icon > Edit > Mark. Press Enter .


(If the «QuickEdit Mode» is on, Right clicking might work too.)

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Use Shift + Insert like in linux bash

Edit: It works even in putty.

I’m back to Windows for the first time in a long time and this got me cursing like a docker. I finally found this:


Enabling Ctrl + Shift + letter shortcuts got me to a Linux-like behaviour that has lowered my blood pressure. Ctrl + Shift + C / V now works.

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The way I do this is to hold Alt then press Space , then E and finally P .

On Windows Alt jumps to the window menu, Space opens it, E selects Edit and P executes the Paste command.

Get these correct in succession and you can paste a snippet in under 2 seconds.

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This is suggested by the github help page:

this copies the contents of filename to the clipboard and is useful for doing things like copying your id_rsa.pub to a web form.

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For paste in Git BASH CTRL + P

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In windows after this setting you can use ctrl + shift + v ( for windows)

Right click on the Git Bash shortcut and switch to the Options tab. Enable Quick Edit Mode and click OK.

Now you can use right click to paste into Git Bash, even passwords for remote push, which you can’t do with Insert.

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This also enables copy easily. Just left click and drag in the console window to select any block of text. Now right click on the selection and the text block will be copied in RAM. This is way more easier and intuitive than the other ways.

Copy and Paste in Git Bash

Copy and Paste in Git Bash

A majority of developers face challenges when using terminals. This article will discuss how you can copy and paste in Git Bash.

Copy and Paste With Keyboard Shortcuts in Git Bash

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Originally, Git Bash does not allow you to use the common Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V keyboard shortcuts for copying and pasting. The Ctrl + C shortcut will interrupt any running command on your terminal.

On your Git Bash, click on the terminals icon on the top-left corner.

Tap the Defaults option. A Console Windows Properties tab should pop out.

Copy and Paste on Git’s Menu in Git Bash

On your Git Bash, click on the terminals icon on the top-left corner.

Hover on the Edit option and click Paste or Copy , depending on your desired action. If you are copying from the Bash, you should have copied the text before.

Use the Right and Left Mouse Keys to Copy and Paste in Git Bash

When you have selected the text to copy, click the right mouse key.

Those are the common methods to copy and paste in Git Bash.

John is a Git and PowerShell geek. He uses his expertise in the version control system to help businesses manage their source code. According to him, Shell scripting is the number one choice for automating the management of systems.

How to Paste in Git Bash?

Git Bash is a command-line window to manage the source code of an application. For application developers, Git Bash is an inevitable tool. While writing the code, they use commands for various actions such as pulling the latest committed code, merging the code, and pushing the code to code repositories. When it comes to the source code repository, be it Github, Gitlab, or any other source code management tool, Git Bash and commands are mandatory to control versions of source code at each code commit.

How to Paste in Git Bash?

In complex development environments, Git is very useful in speeding up the process of development.

In this article, we will see:

Most used Git Commands using Git Bash

NOTE: Before applying commands using Git Bash, you should be connected to Git using your username and password Git account.

Command 1: git init

Enables you to create a new repository. In the above command, Repo Name is the repository name you want to keep.

Command 2: git clone

Allows you to download repo on your local environment. URL is the path from which the repository is available.

Command 3: git commit -m

Allows you to put your code files to the centralized source code repository and to enter notes of changes you have made in this set of files.

Command 4: git log

Shows you the version history of commits in the current branch.

Command 5: git checkout

If you want to switch from one branch to another branch, use this command. is the branch you want to switch to.

Command 6: git pull

Enables you to pull requests to your local repo to update your repo with the latest changes made by others.

Command 7: git push

This command is the other way to “pull command”. It pushes all your changes to the specified branch on the centralized source code repository.

Command 8: git stash

This command is to store your changes temporarily and you can move to another task, come back and apply your final commit. The command is very helpful to save uncommitted changes while switching the context.

Scenarios in which “Paste Command” is useful

All the above commands are used more than 100s times a day when a developer is continuously coding. Pasting the same commands used previously makes it easier and faster to execute them and switch to the next task. Folder paths or URLs in the command are usually long and to be typed each and every time you want to push your changes or perform any action. Pasting the authentication keys or any hash values is handy when it cannot be remembered to type. Another scenario is you want to use the same commands in sequence while coding, you just do “Paste” the command and do not keep typing the same command again and again.

Git Bash command line window provides the Paste option to deal with the above scenarios.

Somehow, doing CTRL+V – Paste doesn’t work in Git Bash

In Windows 10, Shell Command Line does not allow CTRL+V if settings are not enabled. At times, new developers struggle to figure out why the shortcut does not work with the command most common and familiar to all of us.

Enable the “Paste” action for Git Bash in Windows 10 (Shell Command Line)

  1. On the window top bar, right-click to open a menu.
  2. Choose the last option, Properties.
  3. Edit Options section: tick the following checkboxes.
    • Quick Edit Mode
    • Enable Ctrl key shortcuts
    • Use Ctrl+Shift+C/V as Copy/Paste

Paste Option

  1. OK to save changes.

How to Paste in Git Bash (Windows 10)

NOTE: After enabling the key shortcuts as above, follow the steps to paste in Command-Line.

  1. Open the command line.
  2. Enter the command for the first time and copy it.
    • CTRL+C
  3. The next time you want to use the same command, use CTRL+V.
    • You can also use the Insert key to paste.
    • You can also use the right-click→Edit→ Paste from the menu.
  4. It works!

How to Paste in Git Bash in Linux

  1. Open the command line.
  2. Copy the command with CTRL+Insert.
  3. Paste the command text with SHIFT+Insert.
  4. It works!

The more you use it, the faster it becomes

As it is said “Practice makes a man perfect”, which applies in this use case as well. The more you practice working on git commands using the terminal, you become faster and learn shortcuts to do it faster. It’s all about learning and improving on how you produce faster and quicker outputs. Executing Git Bash commands helps you do your coding tasks faster, maintain the version history of your Git commits, revert back your changes if needed, cherry-pick your changes if you need to pull your code, and merge with another branch in case of a sudden fix required.

All this is possible with Git with just one-liner commands. Also, pasting the same set of commands, again and again, is even better in terms of faster delivery!

How to paste in Git Bash

Image of How to paste in Git Bash

Git Bash is a terminal application for Windows, installable alongside Git. It implements the Bash shell, (a terminal environment for Unix operating systems), in Windows. Git Bash also has special tools for Git repositories, including the ability to display the current head or checked-out branch. It is installed as part of Git for Windows.

One of the most common challenges that new programmers face is learning how to use a terminal. Many terminal commands and shortcuts are unintuitive, making applications like Git Bash difficult to get used to. In this article, we will discuss how to paste in Git Bash.

Copying and Pasting in Git Bash

Many new users try to use Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to copy and paste into Git Bash, but these shortcuts are reserved for other functions. Ctrl+C interrupts the currently running command, while Ctrl+V tells the terminal to treat the next typed character as a literal, (e.g. to literally add a keyboard combo such as Ctrl+C ).

There are two ways to copy and paste in Git Bash:

Keyboard: Hold Shift and use the left/right arrows to select a text area, then press Enter to copy. Paste text by pressing Insert .

Mouse: Left-click and drag to highlight a text selecting, then right click to copy. Move the cursor to the desired location and right-click to paste the previously copied text.

These commands work with all Windows terminal applications, as well as many other operating system terminals.


It may seem strange that Git Bash doesn’t support the traditional shortcuts for copying and pasting. However, the alternatives we’ve shown in this article will become second nature with some practice.

If you’re interested in learning the basics of coding and software development, check out our Coding Essentials Guidebook for Developers.

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