Как скачать ppsspp на ios
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Как скачать ppsspp на ios

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The PPSSPP emulator app for iOS supports all PlayStation and PSP based games.

Download the PPSSPP emulator on your iPhone and iPad using the links below.

How to Install PPSSPP on iPhone:

ppsspp altstore_iphone

  1. Launch Safari browser on your iPhone and download the PPSSPP .ipa file from the link above.
  2. Now install AltStore app on your iPhone.
  3. Now launch the AltStore app on your iPhone
  4. Tap on + at the top-left of the screen as shown here. alt=»altstore-my-app-add» width=»120″ height=»120″ />
  5. Look for the downloaded PPSSPP file in the IPA files list and tap it to open ( as shown below )
  6. Type in your Apple login ID and password if asked
  7. PPSSPP will now begin installing and when it’s done the PPSSPP app icon will appear on your iPhone home screen and also on the AltStore app.

PPSSPP App Features:

ppsspp Dragon_Ball_Z

  • Works without Jailbreaking
  • Works on iOS 10 and above on supported iOS devices
  • Supported consoles and hosts include PPSSPP, PlayStation, PSP and many more
  • Play multiplayer games online
  • Full support for gameplay recording and sharing over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Play some games on local servers without using Wi-Fi
  • You don’t need to install separate emulators for separate consoles as one-click-play is supported
  • Create customised game maps and game controls

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is PPSSPP?

PPSSPP is an iOS app that lets you play PSP games on your iPhone. PPSSPP is an PSP emulator that runs on your iPhone or iPad, allowing you to play games in high definition with added features.

  • Is PPSSPP Safe?

Yes, the PPSSPP emulator for PSP games is completely safe to download ans use. Its is continuously tested and new versions are released by the developer on their official GitHub page. if you have problems while running the PPSSPP app, then you can directly contact the developer for suport on their Twitter page linked here.

  • Can i Download PPSSPP without Jailbreak?

Yes, you can download and play games on the PPSSPP emulator without jailbreaking your iOS device. To do that you have to instal and app called AltStore. Follow the download instructions above to get the PPSSPP app for free.

  • How to download PPSSPP without Computer?

You can download the PPSSPP app directly on your iOS device using 3rd-party apps like CokerNutx or iOSHaven.

PPSSPP Gold For iPhone / iPad Free Download (ios)

PPSSPP Gold is one of the most stable and feature-rich PSP Emulators on the Internet. This popular emulator is available for multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, and iOS also. Therefore, if you are looking for the perfect PSP Emulator for your iPhone and iPad devices then PPSSPP Gold can be your Best Choice.

ppsspp gold

PPSSPP Gold can run all the PSP Games and PSP ROM files in full resolutions over your Apple iPhone devices. You can also use this popular emulator over your big-screen iOS Devices such as iPad mini and iPad Pro. PPSSPP Gold is the best emulator that offers iPhone users several features that you people can’t think of. Although the PPSSPP Gold is the Paid Version of the normal PPSSPP Gold Emulator, you can download the Emulator file directly from our website.

PPSSPP Gold Emulator (ios)

PPSSPP is an open-source PlayStation Portable or Sony PSP Console Emulator, which is very much popular over the internet and people have loved this emulator over the years. The most attractive feature of this PPSSPP Emulator is cross-platform support, as this platform supports Android, Windows, macOS, BlackBerry 10, iOS, Linux, and Symbian. Now, PPSSPP Gold has been termed the VIP or the Paid Version of the PPSSPP Emulator. You get many special features and options that will definitely make your overall gameplay enjoyable and smooth. You can manage and customize each and every feature in the emulator.

PPSSPP Gold Emulator for iPhone

PPSSPP Gold is the best emulator that offers iPhone users several features that you people can’t think of. PSP are one of the most unique and nostalgic games of all time. Hence, we are providing you the PPSSPP Gold – The Best PSP Emulator for the iPhone and iPads

PPSSPP Gold Emulator for iPhone and iPad works smoothly on any Apple Device. However, you won’t find this application file free anywhere on the internet except for this website. We also make sure that you always get the best and the latest version of the PPSSPP Gold on your Apple Devices that’s why we keep updating the PPSSPP Gold Emulator over here. So, you can also download updates for the future. Therefore, we suggest you bookmark our website for future reference.

We all know that iOS is a well-refined Operating System and Apple Devices have the most powerful processors in the present day. Now, we also know that the games which are available on the Sony PlayStation Portable Console, or the PSP are one of the most unique and nostalgic games of all time. Hence, we are providing you the PPSSPP Gold – The Best PSP Emulator for the iPhone and iPads. You can play some popular PSP titles such as GTA Vice City, Call Of Duty, God of War, Dragon Ball Z, and many more over your Apple Device using this PPSSPP Gold Emulator. For More Details related to the PPSSPP Gold for iPhone, you can refer to the below given key information-

Features of PPSSPP Gold for ios

As if you have ever used the PPSSPP Gold on any other platform such as a PC, Android, or Mac then you will be getting the same features as those in the PPSSPP Gold for iOS or PPSSPP for iPhone, Apart from all these, you don’t need to jailbreak or root your iOS device for this. You can simply install this application by following all the necessary steps required for the installation process.

Before, that we are here mentioning all the major highlights and features of the PPSSPP Gold Application. So, that you can get all the understanding about this popular Application before you install it on your Mobile Device. Hence, the features offered by this application are as follows-

Using PPSSPP on iOS

This guide will show you how to use PPSSPP, the PSP emulator, on iOS. It isn’t as simple as PPSSPP on Windows, but it is still possible, and allows for great fun while away from the computer. This guide will attempt to be as thorough and up-to-date as possible, so as things in iOS emulation change, I’ll keep this guide as useful as possible.

Things you’ll need

Since iOS emulation is a bit different from Windows, you’ll need to make sure you have everything necessary to enjoy PSP games.

  • An iPhone 7 or newer, or a recent iPad or iPod with an A10 CPU or newer.
  • A game controller: Xbox 1S, PS4, Game Vice Live, ETC. Any Made For iPhone controller should work
  • A Mac or Windows computer
  • An Internet connection
  • A few hours worth of Determination

Getting Started with an alternative app store

Apple loves to control as much as possible on their platforms. This doesn’t mean, however, that our journey ends here. There are alternatives, but the one I’ll focus on in this article is AltStore. It is a brilliant use of Apple’s own technology to install apps onto your device. Where other stores face revocations of their developer ID’s, AltStore uses an Apple ID’s own free developer access to sign an app for seven days, renewing the signature every few days to make things as close to permanent as anything in the Apple world is.

So, let’s get Altstore installed. In your web browser, go to https://altstore.io. Here, download AltServer for your system, which will handle the installation of AltStore onto your device, and install it. Read the website for the steps to get things started. Install AltStore, using AltServer, to your device. Now, go to settings, General, Profiles, and trust the one with your Apple ID on it. Now, you can open AltStore.

There are basically two tears to Altstore access. The free access gives you Delta, which is an emulator for a few systems, including SNES, N64, And Game Boy. The paid, Patreon-sponsored, beta version, gives the ability to install one’s own apps, add different sources for apps, and gives you a beta version of Delta, bringing Nintendo DS support. Delta doesn’t currently have any accessibility features, but I’ve asked for this. AltStore also has a few problems, in the free and paid versions, and I’ve brought them up as well.

Accessibility issues aside, the service works, and hopefully accessibility issues will be fixed. Until then, I’ll give you as much information as you need to install apps, like PPSSPP.

Installing PPSSPP

In earlier versions of the guide, I gave instructions on installing the AltStore beta, adding a source, and installing PPSSPP from that source. This is no longer necessary. Now, after installing AltStore, all you have to do is download an IPA, which is an iOS app, and load it into AltStore for installation. The main reason I‘m changing this is that the version of PPSSPP from all these sources is old and out of date, and as many blind people know, the most up-to-date version of programs can be either very good for accessibility, or very bad.

Luckily, the newest version of PPSSPP allows you to load games into it, just by double tapping on them from the Files app. This drops the barrier to entry for many blind people, who obviously don‘t like hunting in the dark, as it were, for their games.

To download PPSSPP, open Safari on your iOS device and go to this page. Here, click the link to download “PPSSPP”, under the “DOWNLOAD IPAS” text.

Now, open the Files app, navigate to your iCloud Drive‘s Downloads folder, and find the IPA for PPSSPP. Double tap on it, and you‘ll be taken to AltStore. Follow the instructions to install the app. Now, you should have PPSSPP on your home screen.

Configuring PPSSPP

Now, it’s time to do a little configuration. This will take the longest, and be the most complicated part of the guide, so breathe in some Stormlight, burn some Allomantic metal, or gather all the investiture you have. On your iPhone, go into the Files app, then, in the “On my iPhone” section, find the PPSSPP folder. Open that, in find the PSP folder. Open that, and find the System folder. Open that, and find the ppsspp.ini file. This is PPSSPP’s configuration file.

Drag the file, by flicking up to “drag”, then double tap. Now, go back to the main files screen, and find an online file storage service you like. You could use Google Drive, OneDrive, or iCloud Drive. Choose that, and find a folder to drop the configuration file into. When you are on the folder you want to drop the file into, not inside the folder, swipe up to Drop, and double tap. Now, on your computer, find that file, and open it with a text editor, like Notepad, or Text Edit. Don’t open it with Microsoft Word, please.

In the PPSSPP configuration file, there are many sections. They are like headings in a document. Headings consist of a word, or maybe a phrase, enclosed in brackets, like:

This means that at the top of the file is a section called “general.”

Configuration files allow you to configure a program by, basically, giving information to prompts. Some information may be a number standing for an item, and some may be text, like your name, while others are binary options, true or false, meaning on or off.

For example, the line below the general section header is:

This means that FirstRun is false. To expand upon that, it means hat first run is off, meaning that this isn’t PPSSPP’s first run. This is from my configuration file, though, so yours may say that it is the first run, that first run is true.

Now, let’s actually do some configuration. I’ll show which things need configuring, and expand on it afterwards.

This sets the CPU to 2, which, on iOS, is necessary to play games. When iOS isn’t jailbroken, JIT, a quick interpreter, is not available. So, we have to use a slower, and less optimized, CPU type: the IR Interpreter. However, on my iPhone X R, and probably on even an iPhone 7, PPSSPP runs perfectly for me.

If you want to play online, enable the wireless networking system.

This sets the screen rotation to “auto.” So, if you turn off lock rotation, or don’t have it on, you can turn your device to landscape without having to have in actually in reverse landscape mode to play. This is useful for if sighted people want to play your game, and you have a Game Vice Live controller, which connects to your phone on either end, making it look like a mobile game console, like a PSP.

Set this to whatever you want your name to be. If you do this, your name will automatically be filled in on PSP games which use that data.

This line is to configure a place to connect to, for playing games online with other people. If you want to play with just another person, then put that person’s IP address in the place to the right of the equals sign. Your configuration file may have something already to the right of the equals sign. If you want to change it, you can replace that part that is already there. Some servers, like “My Neighbor Sushi Cat,” allow you to see how many people are playing on which games, by visiting the address of the server in your browser. You can find places to connect to at https://ppsspp.org/adhoc.html.

The Mac (Media Access Control) address is a random alphanumeric sequence that is tied to your NIC (Network Interface Card) and uniquely identifies your device on a network. If you play online, you’ll need to make this different from the default. Perhaps you can use your phone’s Mac Address to make it different enough.

Now, save that into iCloud Drive. If you already had it there, you don’t have to move it there again. On your iPhone, drag and drop that from iCloud Drive to On My iPhone, PPSSPP, PSP, System. Remember to drop it on the System folder, not inside it. If you are asked if you want to replace the file, replace it. Now, PPSSPP should be configured. Well done; that was the hardest part of this guide. It’s all easier from here.

Loading games

Now that we have PPSSPP all configured, we can load some games! I assume that you have your games on your computer. Put those in your file storage system of choice; One Drive, iCloud Drive, Google Drive, ETC. Now, on your iPhone, move those from the file storage place to “On my iPhone”, PPSSPP. You can load them from other local storage spaces, but iCloud Drive doesn‘t seem to work for loading games.

Now, turn off lock rotation if you’d like, and connect your controller. After that’s done, open PPSSPP. You‘ll probably need to do this so that you can register it with the share sheet. Now, go to the Files app, find the game, and double tap on it. If it doesn‘t automatically open in PPSSPP, share it with that app. Now, the game loads, and you can have fun!

Special notes for controllers

On Made For iPhone controllers, the start button is R2, and select is L2. The Menu, or Start, button opens the PPSSPP menu, which is not accessible.

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