Stream write error как исправить
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Stream write error как исправить

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Stream read/write error on 64-bit application

I read my physical drive and am having some problems.

64-bit applications:

  • 512 bytes: Stream read error / Stream write error .
    • Read : work
    • ReadBuffer : not work

    32-bit applications: work on all cases.

    How to read 512 bytes on 64-bit applications?

    Updated: I’ve run this application on another PC, it worked. I do not understand why.

    Updated 2: Thanks to David Heffernan. The code below work. But why for 32-bit applications, it always succeed with the first code?

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    As per the documentation you need to ensure that the memory that you read in to is sector aligned.

    File access buffer addresses for read and write operations should be physical sector-aligned, which means aligned on addresses in memory that are integer multiples of the volume’s physical sector size. Depending on the disk, this requirement may not be enforced.

    Allocate two sectors worth of memory and then advance within that to a sector boundary.

    After this, ptr points to an aligned location within your over-sized buffer. Perform your direct disk access with the memory starting at this aligned location.

    The final sentence of the excerpt explains that this requirement may not be enforced which is why your code may work on some machines but not others.

    Or indeed you may just be lucky with your 32 bit builds that they happen to give you a sector aligned memory address. Your supposed fix in the question edit doesn’t help since GetMem has no 512 byte alignment guarantee. If a call to GetMem happens to return an address that is 512 byte aligned, that’s just chance. You cannot rely on that.

    There seems to be some confusion, judging from the comments. Let me see if I can spell this out a little more. Two aspects of direct disk access need to be aligned.

    1. The disk pointer and block size must be sector aligned.
    2. The memory buffer must be sector aligned.

    I am referring to the second of these. You are meeting the first requirement, assuming the disk sector size is 512. But you are failing to meet the second requirement.

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    Stream write error как исправить

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    I should follow up with you earlier on this problem. Does this problem reproducable on your side? if so would you please post back exact steps as well as the error messages on Stream Write error dialog.

    If you have VS addin or extension, please disable it.

    You may go to Event Viewer to see if there’s errors about Visual Studio.

    You may also want to create a new windows user account to see if the error still occurs.

    I guess another program is keeping a handle to the file you’re editing, thus the read, write conflict. You may use Process Explorer to see which program keeps a handle to the file.

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    Запись потока в файл

    Delphi 7
    Interbase 7
    Вылетает ошибка «Stream write error» (Есть БД, в ней BLOB поле «TRAILER» содержит видеоданные, хочу их считать из базы и запихнуть в файл, затем проиграть т.к. не нашел способа проигрывать данные сразу из поля) Где лохонулся?

    procedure TForm2.Panel3Click(Sender: TObject);
    Stream : TMemoryStream;
    Code : Word;
    Stream:=TMemoryStream(Form1.IBQuery1.CreateBlobStream(Form1.IBQuery1.FieldByName(‘TRAILER’), bmRead));
    Stream.Read(Code, SizeOf(Code));

    Вы не создали экземпляр объкекта TMemoryStream
    И Читаете с указетеля = 0. Это что вообще такое? )
    Сейчас пример состряпаю.. .
    У меня не установен интерБейз, поэтому с базой ничего сделать не могу но скажем будет примерно так:

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